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Training courses to make you a master of the most popular screen-based design tool.

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Sketch Master is a collection of video training courses for professionals learning Sketch. The courses are fast-paced and focused on real projects and practical workflows—like designing app icons, mobile app interfaces, and SVG graphics.

The Courses

Sketch Master Basics App Icon Course

Getting Started with Sketch

Become proficient with Sketch’s most fundamental features, by designing 2 app icons for your own device.

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  • Master the basics and start using
    Sketch in your own projects
  • + Project files from each video
  • + Written Cheat Sheets for all videos
  • + Extensive design resources
  • 20% off a new $99 Sketch license
  • (One-Time Purchase)

Sketch Master User Experience Design Course

User Experience Design in Sketch

Learn Sketch’s intermediate features, by designing wireframes, UI mockups, and a prototype for a mobile app.

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  • Master intermediate features &
    workflows for your UI/UX projects
  • + Project files from each video
  • + Written Cheat Sheets for all videos
  • + Extensive design resources
  • 20% off a $99 Flinto license
  • (One-Time Purchase)

Sketch Master SVG Workflows Course

SVG Workflows in Sketch

Learn how to make reliable and compact SVGs from your Sketch designs—to use in websites, animations, icon sets, and more.

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  • Master advanced workflows to get
    the best SVG files from your designs in Sketch
  • + Project files from each video
  • + Written Cheat Sheets for all videos
  • + Additional articles, tools, & templates
  • (One-Time Purchase)

Become a Master (Bundle)

Get all of the courses and save $27. Includes the discounts on Sketch and Flinto licenses (a $40 value).

“If you’re looking for great courses on how to become fluent with Sketch and the tools surrounding it, look no further.”

Pieter Omvlee
Founder, Sketch

“These courses are essential for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of designing and prototyping using Sketch. The level of clarity in Peter’s theory matched with practical working examples and additional resources provided is simply unseen elsewhere.”

Tim Knowles
Product Designer, Stacks

“The courses brilliantly and seamlessly weave together the nitty-gritty technical ins and outs of using Sketch within a real world design workflow, packed with gems of practical tricks and resources.”

Kirsten Edwards
Freelance Designer & Developer

“These courses are clear, focused, and easy to understand and follow. My clear recommendation for everybody who wants to learn Sketch and enhance their Sketch skills.”

Michael Oeser
Web Designer
Peter Nowell Designer

About the Creator

Peter Nowell is an independent designer based in San Francisco. Since 2012, Peter has used Sketch for all of his design work—ranging from icons and user interfaces for Apple to award-winning branding and print design projects.

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