Frequently-Asked Questions

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes. We can provide currently-enrolled students with an additional discount on any of the courses or the bundle. Please contact us and attach proof of enrollment, like a photo of your student ID or a class schedule with your name on it. Attached files can be included in your message as Dropbox links.

Are these courses right for my skill level?

Each course is marked as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced—but they’re made to appeal to a broad range of both design skills and familiarity with Sketch. If you’re not sure which is right for you, get in touch and let us know what you’re hoping to learn.

These are not courses about how to design. They are focused on learning Sketch, and how to practically incorporate the software into your workflow. For example, we won't discuss what a gradient is; instead we will jump into how to create them in Sketch and what practical tips will make your process more efficient.

By focusing on these skills instead of general design training, Sketch Master is relevant to both novice and experienced designers learning a new tool.

Are the courses kept up to date?

Yes. We continually update the courses to showcase Sketch’s newest features and workflows, and to keep even minor information accurate.

And all of these updates to the courses are free for existing students!

We recently released “2018 Editions” of the two “fundamentals” courses—Getting Started with Sketch and User Experience Design in Sketch. We completely rewrote and rerecorded the entire courses, to cover workflows enabled by the newest Sketch features, to include both iOS and Android solutions throughout the curriculum, and to incorporate tons of student feedback from the last two years.

The new UX course also includes lessons about Sketch’s new Data, Libraries, and Prototyping features—including what tricks and limitations to be aware of in your projects.

Do the courses cover Android solutions and workflows?

Yes. All of our courses now cover both iOS and Android throughout the videos, cheat sheets, and resources.

How long are the courses?

Keep in mind that the courses are heavily edited to present information quickly, so every minute of the videos is packed with information.

Also, the total duration of the videos is not always an accurate indicator of how long the courses will take you to complete. Working through the resources, following along with the project files, reviewing the cheat sheets, and re-watching certain videos to absorb all of the information... these add up to a duration that is unique to you.

What if the projects I’d like to use Sketch for are different from those in these courses?

These courses are centered around specific projects, in order to provide a real-world context in which to learn Sketch’s features and workflows. The majority of what you will learn in each course can be applied to other types of projects.

For example, the Getting Started course follows an app icon project because icons allow you to explore many of Sketch’s capabilities without needing to manage tons of layers or Artboards. Similarly, the UX in Sketch course uses a mobile app design project to showcase essential layout and prototyping workflows that are equally useful when designing a website or brochure.

I just purchased a course. When will I receive my discount on Sketch and/or Zeplin?

Discounts on software are sent to students within 5 minutes of sign-up. If you have not received your discount code(s) after 48 hours, or if you lost the message we sent you, please contact us and we can re-send the email. Note that some email clients automatically sort these messages into your spam or “promo” mailboxes, as they are related to “discounts.”

What if I'm not satisfied with the courses?

If you have watched some of the videos and realized that the courses you purchased truly aren't right for you, please contact us. We are able to provide refunds within a short time after your purchase, but most importantly we would love to hear your feedback and try to make things right.

I encountered an error while signing up for the courses. What should I do?

This very occasionally happens, and it seems to be related to international payments. If using a different payment method does not resolve the issue or is inconvenient for you, please contact us. There are several easy solutions we can use.

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