SVGito: Bugs & Fixes

A log of known bugs, interesting behaviors, fixes, and improvements in SVGito—a free web-app by Sketch Master that provides several new optimizations for your SVG files. Learn more about SVGito.


Bugs & Behaviors

  • Self-Closing Tags: SVGito converts elements with self-closing tags (ex:  <rect ... />  ) to use separate open and close tags (ex:  <rect></rect>  ). This is a technical decision, not a bug. Sketch normally exports SVGs with opening and closing tags; you would only notice a difference if you're using the SVGO Compressor Sketch plugin. For best results, optimizers like SVGO or SVGOMG should be used after SVGito.


  • May 11, 2017 — Made huge fixes to the Preview area in the Results section. If you ever noticed all or some of your SVG not showing up, especially in Safari or Firefox and when the graphic used gradients or shadows, this should now be fixed. It never affected your code—only the Preview.
  • May 11, 2017 — Improved the Fill+Border optimization so that it doesn’t affect Sketch layers that had both shadows and borders.

Questions, bug reports, or contributions?


Please note that SVGito is a side project, made freely available. Suggestions or bug reports may take some time to reply to.

🐞 If you are reporting a bug, please include your SVG file and screenshots of the issue.

To learn more about SVGito, check out this article.